Why Choose MCC?

Thousands of students just like you, who are looking for a richer life and a brighter future, find that Mohave Community College is a smart choice.

They save more than $6,000 by completing the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) core courses at MCC before going to a university, and save more than $12,000 by earning their associate’s degree at MCC before transferring to a baccalaureate program.

They complete two-year degrees or certificates of completion in career/technical fields and go right to work in high-paying careers in health-care, computer information systems, construction, public safety and more. They learn specific job skills to improve their value in the workplace, positioning themselves for advancement.

Many enjoy the creativity and intellectual stimulation of our Community Education Division. Others take advantage of the Business and Industry Services at MCC to improve their productivity and profitability. There are even programs for those who have had to curtail their education but are ready to go back and earn a GED and pursue a better career.

Whatever your goals, you'll find people and programs at MCC that will help you reach them. We look forward to serving you.