Online Learning

You can earn a college certificate or degree from the comfort of your home or office, participating in classes at times that fit your lifestyle, and spend less than 25 percent of what it would cost you at most online colleges. Mohave Community College offers a variety of degrees through Online Learning. Click here and we’ll send you details.

If the lack of a college degree is keeping you from being promoted, or from landing a job you would really love, start today and create a whole new future.

Our online associate degrees transfer seamlessly to 19 universities, most all of which offer online bachelor’s degrees. So you can continue your education, keep your current job and prepare for the next chapter in your career, without complicating your life or affecting your family.

Courses are fully interactive, so you learn in a virtual classroom, chatting with fellow students, getting feedback from your instructors and tracking your progress on a regular basis. Online advisors, librarians and student services specialists are available to you as needed. It’s college without the commute.

If earning an associate’s degree on your time and investing less than $6,000 sounds good to you, click the link above or call MCC Connect toll-free today at 866.664.2832.