Life Science FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I ask the instructor to add me to his/her class roster if the class is already full?

    No, only the department chair can give you permission to enroll in a closed class. Contact the academic chairs at the nearest campus.

  • Can I take more than one biology class at the same time?

    In general, it's not a good idea. Certainly not if one class is the prerequisite for the other. Most students should not take more than two science courses with labs in one semester.

  • I already took the lab as a separate course at my university. Do I have to do the lab in my class at MCC?

    Yes. The labs are not offered separately at MCC but instead are integrated with the course in a four semester hour format. Since the lab is part of the course and your course grade, you are required to take it.

  • I want to become a nurse, which biology should I take?

    Both Biology Concepts (BIO 100) and General Biology Majors I (BIO 181) will satisfy the biology requirements for admission to the Nursing Program at MCC. If you plan to go on for a B.S.N. degree, be sure to check the specific requirements of the nursing school you plan to attend as requirements do vary.

  • Is biology as challenging as I’ve heard?

    Biology usually requires more than the usual amount of study and practice. Satisfactory completion of the course prerequisites is very important.  Following are a few more suggestions worth remembering:

    • Learning biology takes time.  A reasonable guide is to spend about two hours studying for each hour of lecture. Heavy work and/or class loads are not compatible with learning biology.
    • Attend class regularly and take thorough notes during class. Ask questions.
    • When beginning a new chapter, read through it quickly the first time, just to give yourself a good feel for what it is about. If you do this before the class lecture on the chapter, you will understand what's going on in class much better.
    • Study groups can be very helpful. Keep the group small though, no more than three or four people.
    • Finally, keep a positive outlook! Biology can be hard, but with a good attitude and approach, you will succeed in mastering it.
  • Is supplemental instruction available for biology?

    For supplemental instruction in specialized programs of study, students should contact their instructors for additional assistance and study group opportunities.

  • Where can I get advice about taking a particular biology class?

    Always feel free to contact any of the Life Sciences Faculty at Mohave Community College. It is very important to know that you are registering for the correct course with regard to your major and to clearly understand the course prerequisites and content before registering.

  • Will biology satisfy the science requirement for my degree plan at MCC?

    Yes. The BIO 100 (Biology Concepts), BIO 181 (General Biology Majors I) and BIO 182 (General Biology Majors II) courses can be used to meet the General Education Core curriculum requirement for science at MCC and most universities.

  • Will my life sciences classes from MCC transfer to four-year universities or other colleges?

    Most of the time there is no problem with transferring MCC life sciences courses to other universities; but, especially for science courses, you should always check the transfer policy of the university to which you intend to transfer. Transfer information is available at AZTransfer.