Liberal Arts

The term “liberal arts” refers to an education curriculum designed to give you a general education, which prepares you for your studies in a professional discipline.

The MCC Associate of Arts degree is designed to enable you to transfer to a four-year college or university. The liberal arts program gives students the opportunity to gain a well-rounded education while studying general subjects or choosing a particular area of emphasis. Click here and we’ll send you more information about the program.

Degrees: Associate of Arts (AA)

  • AA - General
  • AA - Emphasis Areas:
    • Art - Included in the program are courses to develop the student’s design capabilities and basic skills in drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture.
    • Chemistry - Students completing this program will have the academic foundation and experience needed for transfer to a university chemistry degree program. MCC's program also provides theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills required for entry-level jobs that require two years of college-level science and math. Learn more here.
    • English - The program includes studies with both literature and writing. Students will have the academic foundations for fields such as journalism, creative writing, communications, teaching and literature.
    • Geology - Geology is the study of processes that occur within the Earth and at the Earth's surface that produce landscape features, deposit natural resources and sometimes produce geologic hazards. Students completing this program at MCC will have the academic foundation and experience needed for transfer to a university geology degree program. Learn more here.
    • History - The program includes global and United States history, with an emphasis on cultural diversity, and provides the students with the basics in history that are valuable at the university level.
    • Life Science - This program is designed to prepare students for studying the biological sciences at most universities. They include biology, botany, zoology, microbiology and wildlife biology, etc. Learn more here.
    • Math - The program is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university and enable them to plan their course work to complete the required prerequisites for their intended major. Lean more here.
    • Science - The program is designed to assist students in transferring to four-year degree programs in science, engineering or pre-professional health science programs (i.e., pre-medicine, pre-dental or pre-veterinary). Learn more here.
    • Social & Behavioral Science - A multi-disciplinary program that provides students wishing to transfer to four-year institutions with the academic foundations applicable to the fields of sociology and psychology.
    • Social Studies - This program transfers to a four-year university for a bachelor’s degree in social studies or related fields. The degree focuses on global and United States history, cultural diversity, government structures and functions, and geography. This block of classes is a first step toward state certification in teaching at the elementary or secondary level.