Emergency Medical Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to become a Paramedic?

    To become a Paramedic, the individual must obtain an appropriate score on assessment test or successful completion of PCS 021, TRE 089 and TRM 090, as well as hold a current certification as an Emergency Medical Technician with one (1) year of documented working experience. Students must successfully complete requirements outlined in the application and competitive testing process including:

    • Criminal background check and drug screening
    • Written exam
    • Practical exam
    • Oral interview panel
    • Program Director authorization
  • How do I renew my certification?

    To renew your certification, you have to complete a state approved Refresher Course.

  • How do you become state certified?

    After successful completion of the program, the student must successfully pass a National Computer Based Testing Examination.

  • How long is the certification valid?

    The certification period is two years.

  • What if I have a criminal record?

    There is a criminal history component to the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of EMS certification application. A criminal history will not prevent you from participating in the Mohave Community College training program, but it could prevent you from being certified as an EMT-Basic with the AZDHS/BEMS. If you have any questions regarding this, you must contact the Arizona Department of Health Services.

  • What is the process to enroll into the Paramedic program?

    To be accepted into the Paramedic program, an applicant must successfully pass a 250 question EMT-Basic written examination, successfully pass a practical skills examination (National Registry Patient Assessment - Trauma, and a Random Skill), successfully complete an Oral Board Evaluation.

  • When is the EMT course offered?

    The Basic EMT course is offered each semester.