Computer Information Systems FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a computer at home to complete CIS courses at MCC?

    No, not unless you are planning to take courses online through our Distance Education program. The college has provided state-of-the-art computers on every campus. There are labs are in the campus library that are open to the public. You are more than welcome to complete any assignments in the labs.

  • Does MCC accept technology credits from other colleges?

    For a review of your official transcripts, please request these transcripts from your previous colleges and have them sent to our Registrar for a review of possible transfer credits. More information can be found at the Registrar’s Office.

  • Does MCC have a computer club?

    Yes, it is MC4 - Mohave Community College Computer Club. More information about the club and its activities can be found on the student life pages on this site.

  • Does MCC offer any computer courses just for fun?

    Yes, our Community Outreach program offers fun courses in a workshop format for you to enjoy learning about the Internet, word processing and more. Please view the current Community Outreach schedule for more information.

  • How long will it take me to get a certificate or degree?

    Generally, most certificates take two semesters to complete if the student is attending full-time. The degrees can be completed in two calendar years if the student also enrolls in summer courses or completes 15 – 16 credits per semester in the spring and fall semesters.

  • What is the best pathway to transfer to a university?

    The AAS – CIS – Systems Administration is the best pathway if you’re transferring to NAU. For a more general pathway to all the in-state universities – consider the ABus (SR) for the common courses that these universities have agreed with Mohave Community College as a transfer pathway. This information can be found at AZTransfer.

  • What kind of job opportunities are there with a certificate or degree in CIS?

    The certificates and degrees in CIS are well-received by Mohave County employers. Positions range from network and security technicians, Web site developers, computer help-desk personnel, computer repair technicians, software specialists and software programming employment. One of the best resources for finding employment in technology is Career and Job Services here at the college. Another resource is the Mohave County One-Stop Job Services office.

  • When are CIS courses scheduled?

    Courses are scheduled throughout the semester as 15-week, 12-week, 8-week and weekend courses, either online, via Instructional Television (ITV) or on site at each of the four campus locations. The schedules can be found here.

  • Why are some of my required courses not offered every semester?

    The CIS program plans the course offerings based on student and community needs. Therefore, courses such as CIS 210 Database Management and CIS 270 System Analysis are offered only in the Spring. Please contact your advisor for more information. Be sure to plan ahead for the best timing of your classes.

  • Will the CIS courses I take at MCC transfer to a university?

    CIS course equivalency guides can be found through AZTransfer.