Computer Info Systems

Computer Information Systems

The certificates and degrees in Computer Information Systems will prepare you for immediate employment or for a bachelor's degree with a CIS emphasis. Click here and we’ll send you more information about the program.

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MCC offers three Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Science, and an Associate of Business degree:

  • Associate of Business - Computer Information Systems (Special Requirements) (60-68 credit hours) This degree prepares students to transfer to an Arizona university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems. Program requirements differ among universities and the official transfer guide located at   An advisor should be consulted to assure that you include any additional requirements of each university.
  • AAS - Systems Administration  (65 credit hours) - This degree can be used as a transfer block to Northern Arizona University toward completion of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Technology Management. This AAS also includes the Associate of Arts General Education Core (AGEC-A) requirements. Note: Students may complete their degree with NAU through online classes. (NAU’s Cultural Understanding requirements will be completed after transfer.)
  • AAS - Computer Graphics & Web Design - (60-65 credit hours) This degree will prepare students to design and develop Web sites and use graphic software for publications and professional digital images. While many courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting, this degree may also be obtained by taking all of your coursework online.
  • AAS - Cybersecurity and Network Support (AAS) - (60-65 credit hours) This degree program is intended for students who plan to work in technology support services. The course work emphasizes computer repair, network troubleshooting, information security, and help desk support.
  • AS - Computer Science (AS) - (60-63 credit hours) This degree will prepare the student for transfer to a university Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. This program includes studies in multiple programming languages as well as an extensive examination of Object Oriented Programming concepts

Certificates of Proficiency

  • Computer Graphics & Web Design - (18 credit hours) This program prepares students for positions that require enhanced knowledge of computer graphics, desktop publishing and web page design. Many of the courses in this certificate will also apply to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Graphics and Web Design.
  • Cybersecurity and Network Support - (18 credit hours) This program provides students with the skills needed to function as technical and network support for an organization. General network troubleshooting and computer repair procedures will be covered, along with basic security protocols.
  • Professional Applications - (18 credit hours) This program provides students with a working knowledge of a variety of software programs used in business today. Many of the courses will apply to the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration or Computer Information Systems.
  • Programming & Game Development - (18 credit hours) This program prepares students to work as part of a programming and/or game application development team. Skills in the most commonly used programming languages will be developed and students will gain practice in systems theory, logic and design common to all programming languages. Many of the courses can apply to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

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