Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice is a dynamic, ever-changing field of study. In addition to responding to crime, today’s criminal justice professionals are expected to work collaboratively with law enforcement, the courts, corrections, parole and probation and the communities they serve. This cooperative enterprise results in better identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating programs to prevent crime and reduce recidivism.

MCC is committed to providing the highest quality education and learning experience possible, through effective curriculum design and course preparation. The Administration of Justice classes utilize materials relating to the latest developments in the criminal justice industry. Click here and we’ll send you more information about the program.

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The Administration of Justice Associate’s Degree and Certificate curriculum are designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions and for promotion opportunities in the public and private sectors.

  • AA in Administration of Justice – MCC’s Associate of Arts in Administration of Justice is designed to provide you with the theoretical, practical and professional knowledge needed in today’s criminal justice environment to be successful in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation, parole, private security and related public service careers.
  • Certificate in Administration of Justice – Corrections Officer – The Corrections Officer Certificate Program prepares students for employment as corrections officers. For those already employed in corrections, or any other criminal justice system job, the program provides an opportunity for professional growth and preparation for career promotions and/or transfers.

Required Gainful Employment Disclosures per 34 CFR 668.6