50% Tuition Rate for Your First Class

All residency rates, including in-state, out-of-state and WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange), are eligible for paying only 50% of the approved tuition. The tuition rate will be 50% of the applicable residency rate the student qualifies for, including WUE and out-of-state tuition.

If you've never taken a credit-bearing course at MCC, you can take one of the courses below for just half of the approved tuition*! You don't even have to take Compass.

You can review the different course descriptions by visiting our catalog. The chart below reflects only the cost savings for in-state students.

CourseCourse NameCreditsRegular
ACC 120Using QuickBooks2$160$80
ACT 110Safety in Collision Repair2$160$80
ACT 111Metal Welding and Cutting I3$240$120
AJS 140Introduction to Corrections3$240$120
ART 111Design I3$240$120
ART 121Drawing I3$240$120
ART 125Painting I3$240$120
ART 171Ceramics I3$240$120
ART 175Sculpture I3$240$120
ART 256Digital Photography I3$240$120
ASE 100Introduction to Automotive Services2$160$80
ASL 101American Sign Language I4$320$160
BTR 105Building Trades Safety3$240$120
BUE 101Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship3$240$120
BUE 102Human Behavior in the Workplace3$240$120
BUE 175Business Ethics3$240$120
BUS 161Marketing3$240$120
BUS 162Retailing and Customer Service3$240$120
CHD 100Foundations of Chemical Dependency3$240$120
CIS 110Introduction to Computer Information Systems3$240$120
CIS 131Microsoft Office3$240$120
CIS 145Photoshop I3$240$120
COM 100Introduction to Communication3$240$120
CPT 100Manufacturing Safety3$240$120
CPT 101Manufacturing Processes and Production3$240$120
CPT 102Maintenance Awareness3$240$120
CPT 103Quality Practices and Measurement3$240$120
HES 107Introduction to Health Care Occupations3$240$120
SPA 101Elementary Spanish I4$320$160
STU 103Mastering Skills for College Success3$240$120

Interested? Visit Student Services at any one of MCC's campuses and fill out a registration form.

*Offer not applicable if a student chooses to take more than one course during their first semester or if the course is not included in the list above. Course fees are not included in the 50% off tuition offer.