2014-2015 Committee Proceedings

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Academic Calendar Taskforce (Quarterly)

  • Contact Chair

Academic Standards, Planning & Resources Committee (Quarterly)

ADA Subcommittee (Quarterly)

  • July 2014

Administrative Computing Committee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Assessment Subcommittee (Montlhy)

Campus Communication Council (Monthly)

Bullhead City Campus (BHC)

Lake Havasu City Campus (LHC)

Neal Campus - Kingman (NCK)

North Mohave Campus (NMC)

Commencement, Special Recruiting & Campus Events Committee (Monthly)

Compliance Committee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Cultural Affairs & Civic Engagement Committee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Curriculum Committee (Monthly)

Employee Engagement and Recognition Subcommittee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Enrollment Management: Recruitment, Retention

Faculty Council (Monthly)

Facilities Subcommittee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Finance, Audit & Facilities Committee (Monthly)

  • Contact Chair

Human Resources Committee (Quarterly)

  • July 2014

Instructional Technology Taskforce* (Weekly)

  • Contact Chair

Management Council (Monthly)

Module Managers Taskforce (Weekly)

  • Contact Chair

Policy & Procedure Committee (Monthly)

President's Council (Bi-Weekly)

Re-accreditation Steering Committee (Monthly)

  •  July 2014

Red Flag Subcommittee (Monthly)

  • July 2014

Risk Management Committee (Monthly)

Safety Subcommittee (Monthly)


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*Taskforces report out via their parent committee and are not required to post separate proceedings.